September Updates

Sep 30, 2023

API Updates


  • Add support for LUD-06 and LUD-16 payRequests, enabling reusable deposit destinations via Lightning. 

  • LNURL destinations can be displayed as strings, human readable Lightning addresses or QR codes. 

  • Lighting destinations can be created via the API, allowing clients to specify the associated username for a lightning address. 

  • All clients are given a random LNURL domain by default for use with lightning addresses. For example, a user could receive Bitcoin at

  • Custom subdomains and custom domains are available for paying tiers. For example,

  • Lightning destinations are treated as deposit intents, which can be fetched via the API.

Vouchers (LNURL-Withdraw)

  • Add support for vouchers (LUD-03 LNURL withdrawRequests) to streamline withdrawals. 

  • The API response returns the voucher details, allowing River Lightning clients to transform these into QR codes which end users can scan to pull funds into an LNURL-enabled Lightning wallet. 

  • Vouchers can be created via the API with parameters for amount, fee_limit, expiry, and LNURL domain. 

  • Vouchers can be locked to prevent use.

  • Clients can fetch voucher details and statuses via the API.

Fixes & Improvements

  • TOTP security improvements.

  • Update data structure for web platform users and API keys in anticipation of increased functionality.

  • Updates to rate limit policy for public endpoints.

  • Data architecture changes to support future product lines.