June Updates

Jun 30, 2023

Web Redesign

We’ve created a completely new feel for the River Lightning Web experience. River introduced a new blue-centric color scheme, and refreshed the UI to feel more lively. This update makes it easier to find key information, by displaying key statistics on the overview page, and adding new search capabilities to transactions. 

The update introduces new navigation options and moves to a left-hand navigation. Common workflows, such as functionality for user management and logging out became more accessible. The update also adds payment preimage data to withdrawals in the dashboard to help operational team members quickly diagnose payment status and give updates. 

Updates & Fixes

  • The API added a response field for destination_type to withdrawals. 

  • River Lightning clients can now generate new onchain deposit addresses using the deposit intent endpoint. 

  • The API documentation was updated to be more intuitive and correct minor inconsistencies with actual API behavior.