July Updates

Jul 30, 2023

Web Updates

  • Transactions details panel now automatically closes when a user paginates through transaction history. 

  • Verbiage was standardized across web platform pages.

  • Minor UI cleanup and fixes.

  • The login form added navigation to contact sales & support.

API Updates

  • On-chain withdrawals can now be initiated via the API. This functionality supports specifying fee tiers so clients can decide between speed and cost savings, while River assesses the necessary fee for each urgency level. Additionally, the withdrawals can set nominal fee limits to avoid excessively expensive withdrawals during mempool congestion. This endpoint is also supported by the estimate_fee endpoint. 

  • Added preimage as a response field for relevant withdrawal objects.

  • Removed the requirement for users to indicate the network of their withdrawals. Instead, it is now auto-detected based on the destination format, simplifying API calls.

  • Destination_type is now returned in withdrawal responses.

  • Added a Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8 header to webhook requests.