August Updates

Aug 30, 2023

Web Platform Updates

  • Completed support for all on-chain workflows. This feature now supports the ability to initiate on-chain withdrawals through the platform for permissioned users, and to view or generate new on-chain deposit addresses.

  • Surfaced initiator field in transaction details.

  • Removed unwanted autocomplete flows from the platform.

  • Cleaned up transactions table UI.

  • Improved the password reset flow.

  • Enabled autofocus on user inputs.

  • Added on-chain volume to the transaction volume chart.

  • Added LNURL details to transaction details for LNURL-pay withdrawals.

New Feature Work

  • Added the ability to embed custom description hashes in invoices.

  • Backend work to prep for a new feature supporting deposits to lightning addresses via LNURL-Pay. 

  • Backend work to prep for a new feature supporting withdrawals with LNURL vouchers via LNURL-Withdrawal.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved error handling for WITHDRAWAL_AMOUNT mismatch.

  • Improved error handling for DESCRIPTION_HASH mismatch.

  • Added tracking for the initiator of an event. 

  • Transitioned API docs to a new vendor for improved usability and readability.